The main service of Red Negocios is the registration, evaluation and accreditation of supplier companies through its electronic platform, which will allow it to administer and manage a supplier base, improving the efficiency levels of its purchasing, supply and strategic management areas, and at the same time minimizing risks in your operation.


RedNegocios has endured our internal process of “Registration, Pre-qualification and Monitoring” of contractor companies, allowing us keep and ordered and updated registry of current suppliers as well as potential ones, to evaluate and make visible basic safety, commercial, labour, and tributary aspects in the area of basic registry, customizing the tool that allow us to access to a preliminary filter of companies for our purchase and hiring processes. As well to monitor the behaviour of those companies we already have commercial relations with field personnel, trough the advanced ICE report. Weekly reports from public sources are of great help to raise alerts promptly. Generally speaking, the service helps us to positively complement our internal process of suppliers company administration, whether are assets or services.

Harold Araya Fuentes
Supervisor Desarrollo Regional
SCM Minera Lumina Copper

What your Company obtains when registers as a supplier

Registered Companies have a unique electronic file which can be consulted by buying companies

Generation of notifications to buyers based on the information provided by different Public Sources of available information via online and updated daily

Includes services of reception, validation, classification, digitalization, and both, digital and physical storage for tributary, legal and commercial documentation of the supplying company

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