Since early 2017, Codelco has carried out the Supply Transformation Programme (PTA2020), in which are included several initiatives that aim to bolster the processes and the relationship with our suppliers. As part of such plan, we are advancing in the implementation of the SAP Ariba platform, to improve and standardize the supply processes on the entire corporation.

In its first stage, the platform will be in production during October 2020, to gradually deploy in qualification and training cycles aimed to suppliers. During that month, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce will send important releases and instructions to star operating with this tool. This includes support in configuration and qualification of your account. Starting in the last week of September, training cycles will begin aimed at suppliers, to explain how the platform operates and its functionalities throughout the process.

Codelco thanks beforehand, your support during the transformation process. We expect your commitment and adherence to the adoption of Ariba.

  • Ariba Contract Tutorial Capsule
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